Key Features

All-in-one AI assistant bot

Olympia AI asistant bot is an all-in-one AI assistant made to boost creativity and productivity on both an individual and team level. It creates a unified chat experience by combining several AI technologies, chatbots, and productivity applications. Use a range of tools, such as SEO ads, health care, real estate listings, and article writing, to lighten your workload.

Discover how the ground-breaking Olympia AI platform is changing the definition of artificial intelligence.

Olympia AI is an intelligent, interactive environment that can be accessed straight through Telegram; it's not just another AI interface.

With over 70 customizable AI interactions, accessing sophisticated AI capabilities enables this level of broad service customization without the need for complex programming.

GPU and VPS rental bot

Rent GPU powered by NVDIA and buy VPS as simple as texting on your Telegram for enterprises and individual that deal with heavy processing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and 3D visualisation.

Olympia AI GPUs are designed to solve the issues that come with deep learning models in businesses, like long processing times, high costs, storage issues, and lower output.

Together with NVMe SSDs, a ton of RAM, traffic, and an excellent price-to-performance ratio, Olympia AI also offers premium virtual private servers.

The most important thing is to make sure that you can get a reliable VPS provider that meets your hosting needs. Numerous datacenters worldwide offer virtual private servers (VPSs) equipped with SSD storage and dedicated resources. It takes only a few minutes to set up Olympia AI VPS.

All in one AI tools dApps

Discover about the powers of our Professional All-In-One AI Tool. With our comprehensive, cutting-edge AI solutions—which include AI Chat Bot, AI Speech To Text, AI Image Generator, AI Code Generator, AI Text Generator, AI Voice Over, and more—you can simplify chores, increase productivity, and accomplish more.

Consumers have more options than ever before, and artificial intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool for achieving this distinction and assisting companies in remaining competitive in the modern marketplace.

You may access and manage your support tickets from your dashboard, which is supported with an advanced dashboard, a secure payment gateway, multilingual AI capability, and custom templates. Together with a revolutionary, versatile decentralized platform that makes AI resources more available, Olympia AI will be offering an all-in-one package of AI features.

Staking dApps

Take advantage of our staking dApp, which gives early birds an APY of up to 125%!

Any staker can participate in the program without having to hold a minimum amount of tokens.

Enjoy earning and receiving prizes from now on.

100% Revenue Share from all platform

As the foundation of project development, the community is highly valued by Olympia AI. As a result, Olympia AI will return all subscription and sales profits to holders in the form of revenue share (ETH).

In order to be eligible for this revenue share, holders need to purchase and keep hold of a certain quantity of Olympia AI tokens.

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